What They Say About My Music

“Francie (real name Francesca Raffagnino) is a unique and refreshing talent – this is a fact that comes across immediately on new single ‘Losers Gonna Be Winners’. Eccentric and free like a Bjork or Kate Bush but with a more direct, punk energy like PJ Harvey or Anna Calvi, Francie has a vibe that screams originality and someone not satisfied with just churning out tunes. No, Francie wants to do something new, something stunning and she’s well on her way with this track.” – Listen with Monger [https://listenwithmonger.blogspot.com/2019/01/francie-single-review.html]

“[..] duplice è l’anima di Francie. Le sue canzoni alternano momenti intimi, che ricordano Nico e Joan Baez, ad altri aggressivi, dove St Vincent dialoga con sonorità trip-hop e un cantato da Siouxsie Sioux. Sembrano mondi paralleli, forse determinati dalla ricerca di uno stile ancora in atto. Eppure, la bravura di Francie sta nel farli comunicare con equilibrio.” – mu. ger. wa [https://www.instagram.com/p/ByHoDB6C31I/?igshid=1k03y8pht2i61]

“Her music could be described as a mixture of indie, alternative pop and acoustic sounds; mesmerizing atmospheres in slow-tempo tracks…Dream-Pop meets Indie-Pop. Lana Del Rey meets Bats For Lashes. Her first EP “The Waste Land” was released in July 2017, and it is a gem. As I listen to the songs, I realize they sound familiar to me. They have a warm feeling. It is as if I have been listening to them my entire life. They make me sad, yet comfortable. They haunt me – absorb me, but they also make me happy.” – Fangtasia Music [https://www.fangtasiamusic.com/en/blog/francie-mesmerizing-atmospheres]

“La cantautrice senese Francesca Raffagnino all’esordio discografico con un ep di quattro brani. Un dream pop malinconico con basi glitch e un’anima acustica cantautorale di stampo brit sono i principali ingredienti di un sound dalle tonalità spesso epiche. Tre brani sono cantati in inglese ma il momento più efficace è nella conclusiva “Falene” nella nostra lingua. Interessante.” – Antonio Bacciocchi [https://www.radiocoop.it/francie-the-waste-land/]

“Francie reminds me of a modern Joni Mitchell with elements of artists Birdy, Dodie, and Bon Iver mixed in, all culminating into heartfelt, gorgeous and meaningful art.” – Indie Witches [https://www.indiewitches.net/blog/francie-your-way]

“I met Francie the good old-fashioned way: on the internet. Her single “Your Way” captivated me, not only with the music but the image for the cover. After interviewing her, I like her even more. She’s brilliant, introspective and I can feel the creativity pouring out of her words.” – Mella Music [https://mellamusic.com/interview-singer-songwriter-francie/]


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